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Sunrise at the Jetty

Sunrise from the jetty at the Dana Point Harbor. Before the jetty was built in the 60s, the beach here (Doheny) was a popular surf spot so much so that it was mentioned in the Beach Boys song Surfin’ USA. And that’s your useless fact for the day. If you remain in me and my […]

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Narrows Park

Here’s one of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge from the Narrows Park. I’ve been meaning to check out that park for some time and last weekend I was over in the Gig Harbor area so I made a quick stop. The weather conditions weren’t very good but I’m not in that area too often so I […]

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Disappointment’s What You Make It

I sat in this spot for probably half an hour. Waiting for the right moment when I could get a shot of the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse with no people in it. It seemed as though right when there’d be a gap in people someone would stand right in front of the lighthouse. All I needed […]

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Dofflemeyer Point Lighthouse

Last weekend I was at Dofflemeyer Point Lighthouse, WA for sunset. It was overcast and rainy but I decided to head out there anyway hoping for an amazing sunbreak. Unfortunately that didn’t happen but I had a good time exploring a new area. I also met a fellow photographer so that was cool. “This is […]

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Waiting for Sunshine

I was in Montana a couple months ago visiting family and I went to take some photos of some property that was for sale. It was late May so the weather was sunny for a few hours and then rainy and thundering. I was only there a couple days so once there was nice blue […]

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