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Christmas at Pike’s Place Market

I went to check out the Christmas lights at Westlake Center and ended up wandering off to Pike’s Place Market. I was surprised to find it empty…except for that mini-van. Another reason why I don’t like mini-vans.

Merry Christmas!

Pikes Place Christmas

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Amazing Race Part II

Continuation of my tour of Halifax and the surrounding area (read about part I here)…At first it’s going pretty well. I’m driving as fast as I can taking corners and it is quite fun. Not so much for my wife though who was starting to get sick from the winding roads and the thought of missing our cruise boat. So I’m racing along and then it happens, not a cop, not a flat tire, but an extremely slow driver gets in front of me. Ahh!!!

The road only has two lanes so I try passing but every time I try there’s a car coming in the opposite direction. Now this makes things really stressful especially since I was stuck behind the guy until I got into Halifax.

When I get into the Halifax city limits it’s about 5:20PM and the boat leaves at 5:30PM. I wanted to get gas because if you return a rental car without a full take of gas they charge you an arm and a leg and your first born child. There’s no time though so I press on to the rental car place.

I finally get there at about 5:25 PM! It’s about a 20 minute walk to the cruise ship. When I get out of the car I decide to find us a ride. Luckily someone pulls up right when I get out. I ask him if he’s in a hurry. He says no. I ask him if he could give us a ride. He kind of hesitates. I offer $10 and he asks how many of us are there. I tell him three. He kind of looks at me and then down at his car and then back up at me so I look into his car. The whole back seat is filled with junk! This isn’t going to work. We need to run.

My wife, kid, and I zigzag our way through Halifax down (it’s on a hill) to the waterfront. My wife and I are huffing and puffing and my daughter who’s in a stroller is laughing and having the time of her life because she’s going so fast.

We make it to the cruise terminal in world record time (about 10 minutes) so we’re passed the 5:30 PM deadline. We go in through the first door and head over to the gangway. But wait. There’s a glass door about a hundred yards from the gangway and it’s closed. I go to open it and it’s locked! We see a security guard on the other side who must be from the cruise so we bang on the door to get his attention. He looks at us, pulls out his radio, and then turns around. He doesn’t open the door! We exit the building and go through a different door and make it to the gangway. Luckily the cruise ship is still there. The cruise staff tells us we were the last one’s to get on but we made it…whew

This is the Lunenburg Academy in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Lunenburg Academy

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Zoo Lights

I went to Zoo Lights at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely a zoo…of people. Make sure to pack some patience if you head out to it.

Zoo Lights

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The Valley Below

I took some sunrise photos at St Mary’s lake last July and then headed up to Logan’s pass. Along the way I pulled over to check out the view and, if you’ve never been to Glacier National Park in Montana, there’s no shortage of awesome views. +1 God

The Valley Below

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Picture Frame Falls

This is a roadside waterfall that you’ll catch on the way out of Paradise going East towards the Steven’s Canyon entrance. There was a lot of fallen branches and logs where I took the photo so I had to balance myself and my tripod to get the shot. I thought at any moment the branches I was standing on would snap and I’d end up falling into the deeps of Mount Rainier face to face with a Balrog of Morgoth.

Picture Frame Falls

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Tread Softly

Nice thing about getting an early start when hiking is that you’re more likely to see some wildlife. This was about 6:30 AM at Sunrise in Mount Rainier National Park. I was probably about 30 yards from this herd of mountain goats. It was a little worrisome being that close to that many mountain goats. They are wild animals and we (there were 4 of us) were pretty outnumbered. My friend picked up a rock as we walked by and I took a picture. A couple of the goats gave us the evil eye but they seemed to ignore us for the most part. I did see two of them ram each other with their horns, which was pretty cool.

Sunrise Mountain Goats

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Amazing Race

If you have been on a cruise then you know that when you are in port they give you a specific time to be back and they don’t wait for anyone. Well, when we were Halifax my wife, daughter, and I rented a car and decided to check out Lunenburg and Peggy’s Cove. We got to the rental car place at about 12:30 PM and we had to be back on the boat by 5:30 PM. After about an hour of waiting (there was something wrong with their computer system) we finally got our rental car.

So it was about 1:30 PM and we were told it took about an hour to get to Lunenburg so that gave us about 2 hours to check out Lunenburg and Peggy’s Cove. The drive out there was really scenic and just nice to get out of the city. The fall colors were awesome and there a couple of cool little towns on the way to Lunenburg.

After we finished checking out Lunenburg we checked the time and it was about 4 PM! We had a decision to make, take the freeway back and make it time to fill up the car and return it to the rental car place or take the longer scenic drive and check out Peggy’s Cove. We chose the later.

The drive to Peggy’s Cove was a lot longer and you couldn’t go as fast because it was a curving coastal road. It was definitely scenic but we were short on time so we couldn’t really enjoy it.

We made it to Peggy’s Cove at about 4:30 PM so I had no time to take a picture but I got out anyway, set up my tripod, and managed to snap a picture of the lighthouse without people in it (there were a lot of people walking around ruining my shot). I get back in the car and it’s 4:38 PM. Now it’s time to fly. To be continued…

Amazing Race

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Fall Back in Time

Fall in South Prairie Washington

Fall Back in Time

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Front Row Seat

Here’s a nice place to sit, relax, and watch the world go by. This is Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Front Row Seat

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Moraine Park

Along the Wonderland Trail is Moraine Park. This place is one of those places you have to see in person. That hill of dirt (moraine) is actually sitting on top of a huge glacier that came off of Mt Rainier. The slide area is massive and just to the right of the picture is a hole in the moraine with a waterfall coming out of it. Pretty awesome place.

Moraine Park

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