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Skyline Trail

If you take the Reflection Lakes trail out of Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park you can hook up with the Skyline Trail for a pretty good hike. You’ll get great views of Mount Rainer and if you go at the right time in the summer you’ll be able to frolic amongst the wildflowers.

Wildflowers and Mount Rainier

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The Wonderland Trail

There’s a trail that goes for 93 miles around Mount Rainer. Well back in September we did a 25 mile stretch of it in one day. It was a pretty intense 12 hours of hiking. Up and down. Through valleys. Across ice fields. It was pretty awesome but boy were my feet sore. I think my whole foot was a blister.

We got to see some pretty remote parts of the park. At about mile 10 of the hike we stopped for lunch at a back country camping spot called Summerland. That is Mount Rainier in the background in case you were wondering.


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Along the River

I’m always looking for good dog friendly hikes. Well this one is not only dog friendly but it comes with two waterfalls. The trail takes you above the falls so I went off the trail to see if I could get to it from below. I wasn’t able to get to the falls but I found a spot where the water flowing over the rocks looked pretty cool. I set up for a long exposure to give a creamy look to the water and below is what I got.

This is from the Twin Falls hike in North Bend, Washington.

Frozen Pond

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Not So Sunny Beach Point

On a cold and rainy day we stopped by this spot on Alder Lake called Sunny Beach Point. I got out and started walking around the shore to find a good shot. The water level was really low which exposed all these tree stumps, which was pretty cool until I stumbled upon a dead baby deer. Then things seemed a little eerie especially since no one else was around. There was all this dead grass that was matted down and the ground was all soggy. I thought for sure I would take a wrong step and fall into a pool like Frodo in the Dead Marshes. Luckily, I got a shot and made it back.

Frozen Pond

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No Bugs

Do you know what the best part about snowshoeing is? No bugs! No mosquitoes to be specific. I know hate is a strong word but I really hate those buggers especially since they love me so much. If you ever need natural mosquito repellant come hiking with me and watch all of those diabolical menaces flock to me and you’ll be mosquito free.

The photo is from the Rampart Ridge trail in Mount Rainier National Park. We actually weren’t able to finish the hike because we got a late start and it was getting dark. We’ll have to head back and complete it some other time.

Frozen Pond

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San Juan Creek

I’d like to say this is a nice creek to swim and float around in but, in reality, one mouthful of this water and you’d get hepatitis a,b, and c. Seagulls seem to like it though.

This was taken at Doheny State Park in Dana Point, California.

San Juan Creek

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The First Post – Firescades

I finally got my website up and running. For my first post I’d like to share my favorite image of 2011, which is also one of my favorite images so far. This image is from Camp Curtis just before sunrise at about 9,000ft along one of the routes people take to the summit of Mt Rainier. It was so calm and quiet the only thing I could here was my shutter clicking. It reminded me of Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth”


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